"My goal is to help medium-sized companies

and here especially family businesses,
in the field of digital change!"

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The prosperity of a nation and thus of its children depends on strong medium-sized family businesses forming the economic backbone of the country by making an essential contribution to the well-being of the people in the country through their entrepreneurial success.

I truly believe that these very companies will have to face enormous global competition now, but especially in the coming decades, and stretch themselves enormously in order to at least maintain the prosperity they have achieved so far. This will only be possible through a digital innovation focus. I will do everything I can to help these companies with all my know-how and passion not only to master this challenge, but to emerge stronger from it.

Competencies and successes

In my digital career, which has now lasted for many years, I have had the opportunity to work for many exciting companies and to gain experience everywhere, but also to contribute a great deal of my own know-how and to play a decisive role in shaping the companies (own or external). The following list is therefore only a "small" excerpt of my work in order to give you, dear visitor, a little insight into my profile.

Since 2019 I have been having the great pleasure of being introduced to the latest future technology within the Fraunhofer Institute as part of the LZE and of being able to translate it into B2B and/or B2C business models, which will then see the "light of day" either in cooperation with existing companies or in new start-ups and ideally revolutionize the existing industries.

Since 2018, I have been fortunate to belong to the elite circle of "Speakers Excellence".
Under this organizational umbrella I can support even more companies with really extremely high-quality and top-organized lectures and keynotes, not to oversleep the digital change, but to actively shape it and hopefully in a very pleasant atmosphere.

As a partner of the Weissman Group, I was able to help strong medium-sized family businesses become more innovative and actively tackle digital change over many years. Together, we have advanced great projects, founded new business areas or even start-ups, and either optimized business models extremely or radically changed them. No stone was left unturned and all divisions were affected. Without the enormous support of the shareholders/managing directors this would not have been possible, thank you again for the trust!

As a member of the executive board, I was able to help many exciting customers, especially from the health industry, to become more digital. For example, we designed and developed digital sales tools for pharmacy field services and thus organised complete sales teams operationally - from telephone scheduling through our own service centre, to the best possible route planning, to typologically correct addressing of the respective customer, virtual product placements through augmented reality technology, to individualised presentations and much more - and in the process truly revolutionised the field service both in customer focus and in the operating result.

As Director Innovation & Digital, I have used state-of-the-art technology for many international corporations to establish innovative contact points, especially in sales and direct customer contact, which were of great benefit to the customer and at the same time extremely enjoyable.
For example, I was able to help a major food manufacturer design its vending machines at airports and train stations in such a way that customers could interact with the machines to receive free merchandise. The results were, in addition to great sales figures, long queues in front of the vending machines and, of course, an enormous attention for the brand. Not bad when you consider that the customer briefing was actually to place posters for the brand to attract attention.

Together with my former business partner, I was able to found my first start-up in 2009 and gather an incredible amount of experience (unfortunately both positive and negative). It was an inspiring and hard time, but now ITONICS is the most important player for innovation management software worldwide and can count such well-known companies as Intel, Cisco, MAN, Daimler or Brose among its customers and support them decisively in all their innovation measures. It was therefore worthwhile to establish a radical, digital business model on the market despite the global economic crisis at that time.

In the adidas Group, I was able to take on a very responsible position at an early age and help establish digital innovation management as a new unit. Even then, after previous trend and technology management, we used the right technology of the future to develop completely new and radical business models. Extremely successful results such as product customization (miadidas), digital performance monitoring (core-skills-of-sport) for the end customer, digital sales tools for the wholesale trade (sell-in tool) and many other fascinating solutions can be said to have originated from our spirit, of which I am still very proud today.

I have now come to terms with the fact that we were apparently "far ahead" of our time with some of the issues at the time and were therefore rejected by top management, especially because, years later, beautiful solutions such as the adidas Speed-Factory or the acquisition of runtastic resulted from this