"Let yourself and your management be inspired!"

If you want your company to be able to still be successfull tomorrow, then you have to use future technologies to offer your customers innovative solutions and thus keep your own business model fit for the future. I inspire and support you to actively shape change!

Keynote topics:

New Business with the "Start-Up Accelerator"
How to quickly and securely establish new digital businesses

  • How do you define clear goals for the new company and ensure that they are achieved?

  • How do you quickly and successfully set up new companies outside the operational business with the "Ideate-Validate-Build-Scale-Principle"?

  • How do you get the right resources (entrepreneurs, team and technology) to be successful with your company and not endanger the operational business operations?

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Digital Excellence
More profit through digitized business models

  • How do you identify the right digitization potential in your current business and how do you arrive at a digitization roadmap?

  • Which technologies should you choose for your own individual competitive advantage?

  • How do you ensure that you have the right skills for digital change in your company in good time?

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Innovate or Die!

  • How do companies always have the right answers to changing market conditions through professional future management?

  • How do you find the really relevant trends and technologies for your company?

  • How can you be inspired by big business models?

  • How can you develop your business models of the future quickly and precisely?

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If you still have topics that are not covered in the upper version, I will be happy to create a tailor-made speech for your target audience or the topic that is of particular interest to your company.

boostinnovation | Stephan Wegerer

90571 Schwaig, Reichswaldstrasse 40b

boostinnovation | Stephan Wegerer

90571 Schwaig, Reichswaldstrasse 40b

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