"Lead your company into a golden future!"

In order to strengthen your company and bring it safely into the future, I support you with the following focus topics:

  • Together we digitize your existing business model by using the latest and most suitable future technology for you.

  • Together we transform your existing business model so that you can own a digital sustainable business model.

  • Together, we "think" a new digital business model for you and, with the help of external resources, establish a new corporate start-up.

"My practical and theoretical expertise will help you avoid many mistakes!"

Through my theoretical methodological competence as partner of a management consultancy and managing director of an advertising agency, as well as through my operative expertise as innovation manager of the adidas Group, as my own start-up founder and entrepreneur, I can show you the best possible individual option in every necessary step, in order to become successful quickly and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Digitally transform the existing business

Together, we analyze your entire core process, establish for example, conspicuous and relevant process improvements and then use the technologies that are individually suitable for your company and your competencies to make the processes more effective, offer better customer benefits, collect and analyze customer data and then derive the right measures, improve the service and many other things.

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Establishment of a digital business model

Together we review your existing business model, search for relevant customer needs and potentials, the right technologies for you and choose a business model logic that fits your competencies. Then we derive the measures to digitize your existing business model, make it sustainable and scalable.

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Establishment of a new Corporate-Startup

From the existing competencies, the trends and technologies relevant to your company on the market, from customer potentials and/or customer problems in existing or desired target markets, from examples of existing business model logic and best practices, we derive different business model ideas, which we then further validate and finally prioritize. We test the final ideas with either your own or external resources by quickly creating prototypes, testing them on real customers, collecting feedback and using it to create the final product according to the minimum-viable-product approach and then founding the first company.

Additional product improvements will follow in the further course. This procedure follows the Ideate-Validate-Build-Scale approach.

The external team can then be replaced peut-à-peut by your own resources.

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boostinnovation | Stephan Wegerer

90571 Schwaig, Reichswaldstrasse 40b

boostinnovation | Stephan Wegerer

90571 Schwaig, Reichswaldstrasse 40b

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